Friday, January 28, 2005

Bell Mobility & Customer Service

I recently received my Bell Mobility and was shocked at the total amount owing: over $100. My typical cell phone bill is around $56 for two phones. The paper copy of the bill did not provide any charge details so I checked out my account online. After stumbling through the online account system I noticed five System Access Fee charges of $4.75 for each phone (for a total of $47.50 plus taxes).

I immediately called customer service and, after about a 10 minute wait, I explained my situation to the rep. I was told that the "promotional discount" I received during the summer and fall of 2004 was an error and that Bell Mobility was "correcting" my account. I pointed out that nothing on this or any previous bill stated that an error was made on my account and that Bell will correct the error. I demanded that the charges be reversed. The rep stated that she could not reverse the charges because of a company policy. I then requested that she forward a copy of the "policy" to my attention. She stated that I look on the Bell web site. I replied that I am not searching the web site for the policy and requested that she fax me a copy of said policy. Her reply was that she could not fax me the policy because it was an internal company memo. Hmmm, a few seconds ago, you told me to look on the web site, and now the "mystery" policy is some secret company memo. I demanded to speak with a manager. After about a 5 minute wait, I was disconnected (how reassuring to be disconnected when speaking with my primary phone carrier). At this point I decided that when the contracts for the cell phones end this year, that I'll be switching carriers.

A week or so later, I checked my account online and noticed what appeared to be a reversal of the System Access Fee charges - there was a credit on my account. I'll wait till the next billing period to confirm that the charges were reversed. So much for that internal company memo/policy. The disappointing part is that I have received great customer service from Bell Mobility. Any problems were handled promptly and courteously. Bell screwed up big this time.

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