Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Fatherhood: A Year or So Later

This blurb originally appeared on my website on March 26, 2004. It sums up the first year and a half as a father of an adopted child:

Parenting is a job. Parenting is rewarding. Parenting is just plain crazy. The wife and I have seen nothing by positive improvements in his social, academic and mental growth (and I should not forget physical growth - he is only about a foot and a half shorter than my mom). Like any 5-year old, this little man challenges us, but the kid is bright, and we continue to be amazed by his questions and his ruminations.

We have created a special bond. It's called 'boy club'. It's a club, well, for boys. And since we are the only boys in this house, we are the 'boy club'. Without going into too much detail, for fear of reprisals from the Wife, boy club focuses around the Playstation2 and certain video games rated Teen or PG. No, I do not let him go on an all out rampage in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (that guilty pleasure is all mine), but I do let him watch and play certain games that some moms would freak out about. It's time we get to spend together. This guy is more interested in just sitting beside me in our little chairs and watching the action on TV. It makes me feel good when he wants to play 'boy club' (unless he is pestering me every 5 minutes).

The past 18 months have been wonderful. I love watching my boy grow up - though the thought of him becoming a teenager slightly frightens me. He is one of the best things to ever come into my life.

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