Saturday, February 05, 2005

Broken Computer

About three weeks ago, my work computer would not boot up. A blue screen with the error "inaccessible boot drive" would pop up. I called our Tech Services department and tried their suggestions (which I already did) with no success. They said someone would check it out. Three days go by, still no visit from TS. I had a secretary call TS and they promised to look at the computer as soon as possible. Two more days and nothing. I had my supervisor call and the next day someone from TS came up, who did the same things I was told to do and said "You need a new hard drive - I"ll have so-and-so order the part". Okay.

Another two weeks and my computer remains a big paperweight. How long can it take to "order" a hard drive? I saw plenty at Staples, Future Shop and Best Buy. Why wouldn't TS keep a supply of hard drives on hand? Senior management keeps harping about providing good customer service to the outside world, yet, customer service within my workplace is non-existent. A few years ago, we had a few empty desks, so it was not much of a problem finding a computer to use. Today, every desk (and every computer) is being used. My job relies heavily on computer usage (mapping, air photo, information databases, email). I guess if the computer is not repaired by Tuesday, I'll have to complain to my supervisor, or better yet, I'll complain to the top. This is ridiculous.

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