Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Time to Buy a New Car

Our 1995 Pontiac Sunfire - which has been driven by my wife and myself for over 261,000 km - has been showing it's age over the past eight months: sluggish starts, rough idle, rear defogger busted, one fan speed (high), no light on the HVAC controls, and a few rust spots here and there.

It has served us well, and not wanting to sink any more money into the car, the time has come to look at a new compact or subcompact vehicle. We are investigating a number of models, but seem to be leaning to the Pontiac Wave (the 5 door model). It is small, but our second vehicle is a Pontiac Montana minivan (extended version that seats 7 people), so carrying capacity is not an issue.

We need a car that is great on gas, comfortable to drive, has A/C, ABS, power windows and locks, remote key entry and a radio/CD player. Another possibilities include the Toyota Echo Hatchback, Saturn ION Coupe or Kia Rio.

Any comments or suggestions would be welcomed.

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