Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Formula 1 Dead in the US

Any chance of Formula 1 growing in the American market is gone after the debacle this past Sunday at the United Stated Grand Prix. At this point it does not matter who is to blame; the damage has been done. Will there be a race next year? Who knows. It depends on how the eventual lawsuits are settled or decided. My bets are on the US race going to Mexico.

I'll be honest, I used to watch F1 races years ago. They were exciting. But lately, the sport has become a farce. Traction control. Launch control. Team orders. Banks of computers. Large pit stop teams. F1 drivers don't drive anymore; they guide their vehicle. Rabid F1 fans may scoff at NASCAR, spouting how technically superior F1 is, but I like the fact that there is more opportunity for human error in NASCAR versus F1. This makes for exciting racing. Pit stops mean something in NASCAR; In F1, they are a mere formality. I want excitement in auto racing. There is none in F1.

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