Sunday, October 16, 2005

Hockey Is Back

Good to see hockey back. The new rules appear to have increased the number of goals scored per game - they definitely have increased the number of penalties. I am not sure about the shootout. The media pundits seem to like it, but then again they represent companies that have a vested interest in a more 'exciting' game (re: more viewers staying tuned). I don't find the shootout all that exciting. Hockey is a team sport - if it isn't why bother giving assists to players? A shootout turns hockey into a one-on-one sport. Yes, I know the NHL has penalty shots, but they were few and far between and there was no cleaning the ice before the shot. I would have preferred an extending the four-on-four OT period from 5 minutes to 10 minutes. At least during the playoffs we will be back to sudden-death hockey.

The "new" NHL has been a challenge when it comes to pools. I am involved in four different Yahoo hockey pools. I went with a mixture of old and young and it seems to be working, for now. It's too early to tell which players will be able to excel in the league. Some of the older players are struggling right now. So it's hard to drop a young guy or rookie who is playing well for the time being in favor of a veteran that is likely to do well overall. Goaltending is a mixed bag. For the time being, I'm doing well in three of my leagues, but I know that an injury here or a slump there can change things. Just have to stay on top of things.

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