Thursday, November 24, 2005

Birthday Number 38

Has it been a year since my last birthday? Like all birthdays in our home, the day begins with the traditional playing of a personalized Happy Birthday song by Captain Zoom. It's a tradition that my wife introduced - and each member of the family has their own personalized CD. After 2 minutes of dancing with the kids, I was served an awesome french toast breakfast.

Upon arriving home, my oldest boy insisted that I open the "present" that was delivered to our house. I told him, it's not really a present and that I know what is inside the package. But in the name of peace, I opened it up. It was new PS2 controller - one of our original controllers was starting to get flaky so I ordered a new one with my Air Miles.

Next, it was time to open birthday cards and presents. From my wife, I received coupons for things like a massage, nap time and "get out of jail for free" and a new long scarf. From the boys, I received a new bath robe (and a kids toy from Wendy's - how did that get in their). My mom called and wished me a happy birthday - I have yet to buy my present from her ;) I ended the day watching some TV and playing Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando. Thanks for the great birthday.

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