Saturday, December 31, 2005


I have become a BlogShares addict. What is BlogShares? It is a fantasy market stock market for weblogs. You sign up and are given a fictional $500 to invest in millions of available blogs. BlogShares works much like a stock market. Each blog is valued based on the value of incoming and outgoing links. Blogs with more and higher value incoming links are more valuable. Each blog is given 5000 shares, of which, 1000 shares are reserved for the owner (if they claim them). You buy shares (a maximum of 1250 shares every 20 minutes) and then can hold on them, hoping their value to go up, or sell them. Sometimes prices go up, sometimes they go down. There are other aspects to game such as Ideas and Artefacts, that for the time being, are foreign concepts to me. But it is addictive - I have gone from $500 to over $300,000 in less than 48 hours. I'm a blogshares junkie.


Static Brain said...

Blogshares is pretty cool. You are right. It allows us not only to play stock market trades, but to find blogs we wouldn't see any other way. That is what is really cool.

Static Brain said...

Oh and if ya ever have questions about the game most people are really helpful. They helped me a lot.