Monday, December 26, 2005

Shiny New Cell Phone

Today, I purchased a new cell phone, a Samsung SPH-a680 Tri-mode Dual Band phone, from Bell World at Tecumseh Mall. My old phone, an Audiovox 8500, was over three years old, was well worn and tired (the plastic screen on the external display was cracked), did not have a color display or a camera, and had crappy reception (especially compared to Tina's 8600).

The a680 comes with color internal and external displays, a built-in digital camera and camcorder, polyphonic rings and tons of other options. Compared to the 8500, the a680 is slightly wider, about the same thickness and weighs less. The antenna can be extended. The camera is your typical megapixel camera. It will take nice pictures in a snap. The displays are sharp and bright. The menu system is intuitive. Entering new phone numbers in the phonebook is straightforward. Reception and sound quality exceed that of the 8500 and are acceptable. A neat feature is the ability to attach images to phonebook entries. When that person or company calls you, their picture will appear on the displays - making it easier to see who is calling you.

Like most cellphones today, one can download new ringtones, screensavers, games and apps. Photos and videos can be sent to other email addresses including other cellphones. I've only had the phone for two days, but my first impressions are positive. Stay tuned for an update after a few months of use.

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