Thursday, January 12, 2006


I have added StatCounter to this blog to keep track of the number of visitors at each blog. The wife asked me one day how many people visit the blogs and I had no answer for her. I searched around and found StatCounter.

What is StatCounter? From the website:

A free yet reliable invisible web tracker, highly configurable hit counter and real-time detailed web stats. Insert a simple piece of our code on your web page and you will be able to analyze and monitor all the visitors to your website in real-time!

Yes, it is free. You get detailed information about visitors, however, your log is limited the last 100 pageloads (not visitors). If you want larger logs, you need to upgrade your account. The counter is totally customizable. It can be textual, graphical or even invisible. A cookie may be left on your page, but is not required for the counter to function. It is only used to determine how the length of time spent browsing the blog and if they are a returning visitor. So far so good.