Friday, February 17, 2006

Blogshares - February Update

I am up to over $20 billion in net worth. I have been buying up ideas left and right. For about a week, there were no ideas to be bought as the spider system was down. But when it came back up, there was a bonanza of ideas to be had. Share wise, I have a solid stable of blogs that I buy, hype and sell. Of course, my strategy is similar to the strategy of other players. That strategy is to buy shares that have a high share value and a low p/e value. This has lead to numerous Restructure Blog and Hostile Takeover actions on over 35 blogs I owned at one time. It's annoying to find a gem only to have taken over by another user. Granted you do get three times the share value, but you could make ten times the value by hyping and then selling the shares. Whenever a user takes over my shares, I'll visit their portfolio and look for a few gems to takeover. Fair is fair.


Island Dave said...

Amen :)

sassyassy said...

Well, I am glad you have your strategy down pat. I am still learning the ropes of blogshares and what the hell are artefacts?