Saturday, March 04, 2006

CRTC and Television

So, the CRTC thinks that choice is a good thing in the television. Apparently, the CRTC believes that television users should be able to decide which channels they want to buy. If you watch only four channels, you should be able to buy only those four channels. Unfortunately, the CRTC feels that tiered or bundled packages should be protected for another four years. Four years? It should be more like four minutes. I guess those marginal channels think that they shouldn't have to compete for my hard earned dollars. No, channels like W, StarTV and VisionTV hide behind the veil of 'Canadian Culture'. Apparantely, without these and other channels (like the CBC), Canadian culture would die.

This begs the question: What is 'Canadian Culture'? Crash won an Oscar for Best Picture. One of the producers was Paul Haggis, a Canadian. Does that make Crash part of Canadian culture? Does having Celine Dion singing daily at a casino in Las Vegas make her show part of Canadian culture? Do you even have to be Canadian to promote or be part of Canadian culture? I suppose the easiest definition of Canadian culture is anything that is not American (whatever that is).

If culture is supposed to representative of people, it should be up to the people to decide what they watch, listen and read? How is forcing people to watch the "Canadian" version of an American show protecting Canadian culture? Most Canadians live near the US border and can receive American channels by antenna. How are we going to 'protect' those people from American culture? I was not aware that one aspect of Canadian culture is the ability of a minority of people to dictate what the majority of Canadians watch, listen or read.