Thursday, April 06, 2006

Blogshares - March In Review

A very successful month. I managed to increase my net worth by almost 300 percent - mostly by selling and buying shares, but also by helping with the cleaning of the index and buying some rare but valuable ideas. I spent the beginning of the month collecting a group of blogs with a good share price to p/e ratio and good turnover rate (that is their value increases quickly after selling and then buying back the shares). I managed to survive both March Break and a weekend in Brantford without too much damage - several blogs were taken over, but I had a big enough stable that it was not an issue - I was able to get some of them back.

I also am helping out
cleaning the index. Blogs are voted into specific industries. Over time, some of these industries are not applicable or new ones should be voted in. An Index Manager assigns five blogs to a user to review and vote for or against industries. The user's work is reviewed, and if all is acceptable, the user can earn B$250 Million. Not a bad return for some investigative work. It's also a good way to earn karma and chips, to learn about other industries, to find some interesting blogs to invest in, and to meet others in the blogshares community. Once you have earned B$1 Billion, you have the option of joining the Friends of the Index, a thread where lots of 20 are assigned for review. I've earned my B$1 billion and will be an active participant in the FOI.

Lately, I've been paying more attention to buying rare ideas. My idea holdings exceed B$4 billion - at the beginning of March I had maybe over a B$1 billion. I am also starting to become more active in the various 'markets' where you can bid for ideas. Each month is a learning experience.

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