Monday, April 03, 2006

I'm Back

I never really left. It was kind of hectic around the house the past two weeks. Everyone else in the house got sick with strep throat at some point over the past 10 days. So between chores, shopping, taking care of each other and other typical things in life, I had no energy and no inspiration to write.

But alas, spring is here. My bulbs are poking out, a few are even flowering. If we can get a few days of warm weather I'm sure that the rest of them will flower. The majority of annuals are growing well. A few late starters will make their move by the end of April. The lawn is okay - it needs to be rolled to make it somewhat flat and even. All the flowerbeds need a good layer of Canada Red mulch added to them. Key projects this year include installing edging along one flower bed, constructing a small retaining wall at the corner and expanding the corner flower bed, expanding the lame flowerbed behind the garage and possibly relocating the patio closer to the house. Only the time and the weather (and my level of motivation) will tell how much will get done.