Friday, April 28, 2006

Not Much Rain So Far

Title says it all. There has not been much rain so far. That is not a good sign of things to come. I read that this will be the worst allergy season - the pollen count is up 80 to 90 percent in many areas and the Detroit area is a top ten allergy location in the US (I live right across from Detroit). I will be booking my allergy shots for ragweed next week - let's hope they work.

Back to the lack of rain. The vegetable garden and flower beds are dry. Some rain is predicted for Tuesday - that would be about 10 day without rain. I was hoping to hire someone to roll my lawn before it got too hard, but apparently most places are too busy to call us back. I'll just have to rent a roller from Home Depot soon and do it myself (like I have time for that). Guess I'll have to look for more drought resistant plants this year.

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