Friday, May 05, 2006

Online Shopping at Future Shop

Future Shop recently introduced 10 Days of Web Deals. Each day for 10 days, one item will be available online at a blow out price. Fine. Today they have a Sandisk Sansa E100 512MB MP3 available for $49.99 - the regular price is $129.99 for a discount of $80. Not a bad deal.

Just after midnight, I go online and think about purchasing a couple of units for the family. I click on the email sent to me by Future Shop and I am forwarded directly to item. There are about 1000 or so units still available and online availability is shown as In Stock. I click on Buy Now which takes me to the Shopping Cart. Product availability is shown as available for shipping. I change the quantity to 2 and it is still available. Click on Secure Checkout and now the item is shown as out of stock. Huh? I remove the items and start all over again. When I go back to the item, it now shows the regular price. Wonderful. I decided it's time to go to sleep.

I go back online in the morning, just for fun. The item is still on sale, but the quantity is limited to 5 per household. Okay. I click on Buy Now. Now it says the item is sold out. Um, alright. I go back and now 650 units are available. What the? I click on Buy Now and yet again, the product is available for shipping. Click on Secure checkout and now the status of the item is shown as Out of Stock. At this point, I'm having flashbacks to my visits to Poland during the communist period.

For the heck of it, I cancel the order and go back to the item page. About 500 players are still available, but this time there is no reference to the limit. I click on Buy Now and change the quantity to 6. Ooops, I get a message saying the limit is 5.
I have had some good experiences online shopping at Future Shop, but recent experiences are making me question my level of trust. First there was the debacle known as Boxing Day. And then these web deals where the item page changes and where the computer system has become confused about the availability of the item. Best Buy you really need to work on the online shopping system.

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