Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Gardening News

I slowly getting into the outdoor thing. I recently planted a bunch of stuff in the vegetable garden - tomatoes, red peppers, corn, carrots, radishes, onions and watermelon. I inspected the vegetable garden tonite and found that some animal had eaten up my radishes which just started to peek out the soil. Yeah. I sow some more seeds, set up some stakes with plastic sheets to keep the critters and birds away and water the garden - seems to be drying out a good rate - despite it not being that hot.

Checked the Rivard flowerbed and noticed that one plant had been pulled out and that the bed was in need of watering. Replanted the plant and gave the bed a good watering - I'll have to make sure to water that bed on a daily basis to ensure the plants establish good roots.

I need to work on the corner bed this weekend. I killed the grass and rototilled it, but it looks like crap now. I want to build a retaining wall to keep the kids from taking a short cut across our lawn and to raise the bed so the plant have a decent growing medium - the annuals hate the clay. Hopefully, I can order the stuff tomorrow or Friday and have it delivered this weekend. I'll also need to order some top quality top soil and more mulch (I have probably a half-yard of mulch left from the three yards delivered about two weeks ago).

Another project is working on either the bed behind the garage or working on the platform for the swing we want to eventually get. Each requires some building materials, so it depends on time and money.

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