Sunday, June 25, 2006

Vegetable Garden - Big Disappointment

The vegetable garden is a big bust this year. Yes, the tomatoes and the green peppers are growing (this area is known as the tomato capital of Canada), but I don't see any carrots, the first set of radishes got eaten by an animal and the next set seem to be succumbing to an insect. The watermelon also succumbed to a bug. No sign of onion or dill. One positive is that the corn is growing

I have decided to take a break from gardening next year - maybe a few tomato plants and green peppers, nothing more. I'm thinking about converting half of the vegetable garden to a play area for the boys - an area where they can dig and play around in the dirt. We'll see. I've been adding compost and fertilizer every year since we bought the house 6 years ago. In fact, when I rototilled the garden this year, the soil broke up easily. Maybe I should get the soil tested and see what exactly I need to add to it. At this point the life of the vegetable garden is up in the air.

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