Monday, November 27, 2006

Taking A Break From BlogShares

Yes, you read that right. After reaching a number of milestones, I have decided to minimize involvement in the game. That means that I will not be actively selling and buying shares. My main goal now is to grow my ideas portfolio and build more artefacts. My decision stems largely from the amount of time that has to be invested in order to maintain your existing ranking, let alone advancing in the game and the "that blog is mine" attitude held by some of the top players.

The new math initially breathed in new life into the game. There were large swings in net worth. Volatility was introduced. But over the past three or so months, that volatility has disappeared. Many ideas are worth well over $1,000,000 per idea today. And it has become very easy to manipulate the ideas market. Which comes back to my original reason of not having enough time.

To get ahead in the new math environment requires a large investment of time. You index blogs. You buy ideas. You re-index blog. You buy more ideas. The price peaks and you sell. And the cycle starts all over. After a while it becomes mechanical. It's not really a strategy; it's a process. Between home and work obligations, I don't have the time to monitor my shares and ideas. There are players that seem to monitor the game 24/7 - how can anyone compete against that let alone get ahead? Sara Bear must have a clone or two of herself: within minutes of any blog that I take over, she is right there taking it back. Morning. Afternoon. Evening. It doesn't matter.

How to improve the game? A limit on transactions might be useful. It would force players to think before acting. Standard players already have a transaction limit. We could have different limits of different transactions (shares, ideas, and artes). I would have no limits on selling shares or ideas, just on buying shares and ideas and arte usage. Another suggestion is to introduce more volatility and randomness to the ideas market. There needs to be more daily and weekly variations in price.

I don't know if I'll get back into the game full time. I reached most of my personal milestones. I only have a few left. Besides, I like playing the role of shit disturber and using PRDs on blogs. The game needs more instability, more risk.

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Sideon said...

I'm not even going to pretend that I understand Blogshares.

Perhaps if I'm motivated during the holiday break, I might read up on it - but markets and money have never made sense to me.

I hope this finds you well.