Sunday, March 25, 2007

Spring Is Here

Sorry for the lack of posts over the past few months. Who knew that having two kids would take up so much of my time ;)

Well, spring is here and the weather is finally warming. I was able to do some work outside such as picking up all the garbage around the house. Next task is to rake up the leaves and start relocating some bushes while the ground is soft. The lawn between my neighbour's house and my garage is looking patchy - I think we have a grub problem. I am considering get our entire lawn re-sodded (plus relocating a patio and possible installing a sprinkler system) this spring so I may include the patchy lawn in that job.

Based on the vegetable garden disaster I had last year, I'm planning on using only about half of the vegetable garden for planting. The rest I'll hand over to my boys for digging purposes. I have a lot of bare flowerbeds that are currently protected by a thick layer of mulch, so I'll be concentrating on partially filling those up - I see this as a three year project.

I really need to get someone in to put up a gate between the garage and house so the boys can play outside with constant supervision. Also need to look at replacing the windows in the basement - the outside casings are peeling and I don' feel like scraping, filling and painting the - besides they are glass-on-glass sliders and are totally energy inefficient. Once these are replaced, the only window left is the living room window - which appears to be in good shape - so there is no urgency their.

We are still looking at putting a bathroom with a shower in the basement and redoing the laundry room - that will likely be a fall project. 2008 projects will likely include a new furnace and AC and updating the rec room in the basement. 2009 may see a complete reno of the upstairs bathroom and new flooring, doors and trim in the bedrooms. 2010 would likely see the kitchen redone and new flooring and trim in the dining and living rooms. The house will be 40 years old this year and it needs to be updated and upgraded.

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