Thursday, April 26, 2007

Windsor Downtown Revitalized?

So with the wave of a hand, King Francis declares that all is well in downtown Windsor. Really? Let's think about that:
  • Two private parking garages have gone into receivership and surface parking rates are declining.

  • A large hole in the ground remains on Riverside Drive.

  • Several retail spaces including the former CIBC building at the northwest corner of Wyandotte and Ouellette, the former Salvation Army building and much of the first floor of One Riverside Drive remain vacant. No tenant or use has been secured for the Armouries.

  • The Art Gallery of Windsor continues to be surrounded by underutilized land including the hole in the ground and surface parking lots.

  • Ouellette Avenue needs to be updated, but at the current pace of one block per year, it will be at least another 4 or more years before the entire street is complete.

  • The Windsor Arena will be closed in a year or so. We already closed the Capitol Theatre down.

  • No new residential development is planned or under way in the downtown core (sorry Mayor Francis, but Portofino is not in the downtown).
But all is fine in Kingdom of Windsor. City Council has no plan. And it is becoming more evident day by day.

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