Monday, May 21, 2007

Happy Victoria Day

Finally, a decent day of weather. The rest of the weekend was a let down. Saturday was mild, but it was threatening rain, so I didn't get too involved outside.

Sunday was worse. It was colder, windier and well, crappier. I took my youngest boy to Home Depot, but the weather was not conducive to browsing (nor was his insistence in wanting to go the washroom). I bought some plants at Home Depot and Costco, but left them outside and spent the rest of the day inside.

Monday was much better. Warmer and some sun. I was able to finally to put plants in the corner flower bed and the garage flower bed. I also put some more plants in the house flower bed and a few in the bed by the sand box. I need to go and get some more perennials and a bunch of annuals to fill up the corner flower bed to discourage people (mostly kids) from cutting across the flower bed.

I was tired but it felt good to get some plants in the ground. Need to work on the vegetable garden next.

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