Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Snakes & Arrows MVI

A few months ago, I pre-ordered the limited edition Rush Snakes & Arrows MVI via the Rush Backstage Club. This DVD came in a hardboard box and is loaded with features including all songs in 5.1 surround sound, mp3 (DRM-free) music files, a documentary of the making of the album, lyrics, a biography written by Neil Peart, images and more. If you 'register' your DVD, you get linked to additional resources. The DVD also comes with a sticker.

The surround sound version of the songs is amazing. Neil's drums never sounded better, Alex's guitar filled the space well and Geddy's bass benefited from the sub-woofer channel. If you don't have surround sound, an 'enhanced' stereo audio track is available. The MP3s are recorded at 128 CBR and have no DRM to limit copying or transferring.

All in all, not a bad addition to any Rush fan's collection.

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