Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Sopranos: Series Finale

What the! At first, I was confused, then angry, but over the next few minutes I realized the brilliance of David Chase. As much as we all wanted some form of resolution (Tony dies, Tony lives), deep down, any of those scenarios was a cop out. The show ended. That was it. No more Tony, Carmela, Meadow or AJ. No more Paulie or Sil. No more FBI agents. No more anyone.

Ron Moore, co-creator of Battlestar Galactica (another show that I am a big fan of), summed it up perfectly "[Chase] yanked us out of their lives without any resolution whatsoever". Days later, people are still talking about that last scene. I would say that David Chase did his job. Thanks for sharing an amazing television show with us Mr. Chase.