Thursday, August 02, 2007

Even Louder Screaming

I'll come out and say it: my manager is inept. Whenever another department or agency has a 'concern' my manager instantly jumps on the bandwagon and messes up everything. Meetings are held and things are changed - regardless if they add no value to the report.

No one gives a hoot about about the analysis or the conclusion. It's all about 'educating', 'informing', 'not blindsiding' and so on. Our reports only get longer by the month. At the current rate, I predict that by the end of 2008 our reports will be 20 to 30 pages long.

What happened to concise reports? Out the window. What happened to relevant information? Out the window. What happened to only including information that supports my position? Out the window. We have to do 'due diligence'; we have to be prepared for the Ontario Municipal Board; we have to be prepared for all sorts of questions and situations. It's INSANE.

I spend more time typing in background information and comments from other departments and agencies, than writing the analysis, conclusion and recommendation. We are overloading our reports with information - I don't know how people can understand them after reading them, let alone make a decision based on the report.

I don't know what to do anymore. Part of me wants to quit and find a job where my professional opinion is treated as such.

This place sucks.