Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Screaming Just Gets Louder

As you can tell from several recent posts, I'm not too happy with my current job. Wait. Strike that. I'm not too happy with management.

I just completed a report, that with appendices will be at least 50 pages long. Yup five oh. Now, I'm happy with he analysis part of the report - I think I did a good job being concise but brief. It's all the other background crap that I had to include that is killing the report.

The other day, I saw a report with six different signatures on it. Does everything have to be done by committee and consensus? Why are we paying people $100,000+ when it they can't make a decision without consulting 5 or more other people?

This is the place that builds a new four-storey building and then conducts a service delivery study and space needs study AFTER the new building is opened. Huh?

I work in the public sector. 10 years ago, this was a great place to work Decisions would be made quickly and you could trust management to do the right thing. Not today.