Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Six Nations Haudenosaunee - The New Mafia?

This article is a hoot.

The Six Nations Haudenosanuee Council -the traditional government known as the Confederacy - is creating 'rules' and demanding 'fees' for development within six miles on either side of the Grand River. Sounds like a shake down to me: If you pay the right amount you get the Confederacy's approval.

I've said it before, the various municipalities along the Grand River should dissolve and let the Six Nations run the show. They say they have jurisdiction. So if I see a crime in action, I'm going to call the Six Nations police. If see a fire, I'm going to call the Six Nations Fire Department. I don't care if I'm in Fergus or Kitchener - I fully expect the Six Nations to collect my garbage, maintain the sewers and water mains, and protect my property - it's there land after all.

The Province should immediately cease maintaining any provincial facilities such as highways within the Six Nations lands. It's there land after all - why should the Ontario taxpayer foot the bill?

Will the Haudenosaunee pay the Province, the municipalities and private property owners for the various improvements (roads, sewers, water mains, etc) they have made on Six Nations lands? Or will they just claim 'jurisdication' over these improvements.

Ah, to be a member of the Six Nations Haudenosaunee: Just sit back and demand a tax from people that actually work for a living.