Sunday, January 13, 2008

From Wordsmith to Scribe

My boss used to say "If you could wordsmith something for my signature" when boss person wanted me to write a letter or memo. Wordsmith? What the heck is that?

But I guess wordsmith is so 2007 - it did appear on some list of words that should be banned. So now boss person is using "scribe". What the? Shall I get my quill and ink and write a letter with fancy lettering?

The best part is that boss person took a plain language course. I know because I was in the same class as boss person. The course said to use simple language as much as possible. Use short sentences. Use the passive voice.

Obviously, boss person did not learn anything from the course.

Note to boss person: using wordsmith or scribe does not make you smarter. In fact, it makes you look stupid. If you want me to write a letter or memo then say "write a letter".