Friday, February 08, 2008

QuickTax 2007 - Warning

If you are thinking of buying QuickTax 2007 this year, a warning: only 2 returns for individuals earning more than $25,000 are included. The 2006 version included 5 returns. Yes, in its infinite wisdom, Intuit has decided to charge the same for software that has three less returns. Did they not learn anything from the TurboTax product activation debacle?

This is the official word from Intuit:

"For years QuickTax has remained competitive in the tax software market by providing the highest quality tax software package. This year we have changed our pricing structure to a per return model to reflect the average household tax situation. Our customer research tells us that over 60% of our customers households consist of 2 income earners over $25,000 and various numbers of dependants with incomes under $25,000."

Hogwash. If they switched to a per return model, why does QuickTax Standard cost $39.99? Shouldn't it be $30? And why are the additional per return prices the same for the Standard, Platinum and Business Unincorporated at $15 per return, when the three products have different prices. Corporate doublespeak.

In my case, their $39.99 product becomes a $54.99 product (plus tax). Wonderful.

Think that the Platinum version includes more returns? No. Two returns despite Platinum costing $20 more. Come on Intuit, you could have included 4 returns with Platinum and got people hooked on a product that they really did not need. Who is running your marketing department? Accountants?

Looks like I'll be changing products again (Taxwiz > GriffTax > TaxTron > QuickTax > ???).

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