Sunday, April 20, 2008

It Feels Like Summer

It's been a crazy four weeks of weather, but it looks like spring is here to stay. No chance of 24 centimetres of snow like in Nanaimo, British Columbia this weekend.

The weather has been warm, which means it is time to begin working outside. I picked up the garbage from the flowerbeds, trimmed all the perennials down, and swept the floor in the garage.

I need to buy a ton of flowers and bushes for the corner flowerbed to make it presentable and to stop people from cutting across it. I also need to install the soaker hoses I bought last year along the street flowerbeds to make it easier to water these beds. The grass needs a lot of work, and I may have it replaced with new sod this year.

The garage needs lots of attention this year. A lot of space is wasted or unused. The workbench needs to be replace with something of better quality (including using pressure treated wood where it touches the concrete floor. The fluorescent lighting must go in. Shelving needs to go up and things need to either be thrown out or put in the crawl space if not being used.

I have some ideas for the backyard, including the relocation of the patio closer to the house, elimination of half of the vegetable garden and relocating the sandbox to the other half and installation of a swing bench. I may do this work myself, or I may get a quote as part of any lawn rehab.

It's gonna be an interesting summer.