Saturday, May 10, 2008

Time To Cut The Grass

Spring is here and it's time to start doing things outside. I've already cut the grass once, and it's time to do it again. I need to get a bunch of plants and mulch for the corner bed.

The perennials are looking good this year. Seems the cold winter and snow was a positive this year. The roses are very leafy and bushy - just as I was thinking of getting rid of them. I do have one rogue rose bush in the garage bed that I need to dig out.

I have to relocate the bushes at the side of the driveway - they just collect leaves and garbage and add no value to the front yard. The grass seed I planted seems to be taking.

I need to start planning the improvements to the backyard. It's time to turn this area into something useful and enjoyable. New sod (the existing lawn is awful and uneven) is one plan. Another is to relocate the patio by the house. I am thinking of ripping out the concrete sidewalk that is there and putting in a stone patio.

The vegetable garden is done. I may plant some one or two tomato plants, but that is it. The hot summers down here mean that the vegetable garden needs constant attention (and watering). I just don't feel like wasting water anymore. So I will be cutting it in half, incorporating one half into an existing bed and the rest will be paved over for a play/shed area.

I may do some of this work myself, but the bulk will have to be done by a landscaping company.

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