Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pace is Slowing

Yes, it's been about four weeks since my last post. For the most part I've been doing thing in and out of the house.

With all the rain in June, I didn't spend anytime watering anything. I did have to spend time weeding the gardens and flowerbeds. There was an overwhelming amount of maple keys this year followed by an overwhelming amount of maple trees sprouting. I'm still finding the odd maple sprout here and there plus the occasional weed that grew overnight.

The front lawn is in good shape - save for the area where the City reseeded after road reconstruction. I'll have to work on that area during the summer. The rear lawn is in disarray. I really need to have it ripped out, the grade levelled and a new law put in. Maybe in the fall, maybe spring 2009.

On the work front, I've officially been 'transferred' to the site plan control section. No more rezoning or Committee of Adjustment for me for the next six months. I was wary at first, but the change of pace, work and environment (I moved into a new office with my old office still available for non site plan control matters) is welcomed. I'll get a pay raise for three months when I am Acting Site Plan Approval Officer.

No summer plans yet. This coming weekend I'm taking my youngest to my mom's via the train. He is quite excited. That leaves my wife and I without kids since the oldest is at camp. I just may be able to sleep in. Maybe.

We may do some day trips around the area - anything within a 2-hour drive is a possible. Maybe a night or two at a hotel somewhere. We'll see.