Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Election Time In Canada

Well, Harper finally did it. Pulled the plug on his government.

His public reason? Parliament has become dysfunctional. That wouldn't be the same Parliament that has passed everything the Conservatives put forward? Tax cuts? Passed. Tougher criminal laws? Passed. Extending the Afghan mission? Passed. If that is dysfunction, then what happens in less stable democracies must be outright chaos.

His private reason? The 36-day time frame represents Harpers last bid before things change in the US, before people release books, before more scandals come to the forefront and before the leaders of the opposition parties, especially Dion, start to gain ground in the popularity contest.

We did not need this election. Harper should have waited until October 2009 - and I think the opposition parties would have waited until then too. But nope, power hungry Harper has to spend $300 million on an election that he believes will lead to another minority government (that would be three in a row if you are keeping track).