Thursday, November 20, 2008

D-Link DIR-625 and DWA-642 - One Year Review

It's been over one year since I purchased the D-Link DIR-625 Wireless Router and D-Link DWA-642 Notebook Adaptor.

Overall, my experience has been positive.

I have had no problems with the router. The firmware has been updated twice. I use OpenDNS as my DNS service, and in combination with the routers built-in website filters, am able to block many inappropriate websites. The range and power of the router has been satisfactory.

I have the router to strictly use Wireless-N (Draft 2.0) and WPA2-PSK with a randomly generated 256 bit key. IP addresses are assigned according to MAC address of the computer and I have limited how many IPs can be addressed.

The Notebook Adaptor has worked well. It has worked well when used outside of the home in hotels. The D-Link software allows to create a new profile, meaning you don't lose your existing information.

About the only problem I have had are random disconnects between the notebook adaptor and the wireless router. I suspect it is a line of sight issue in that there are plenty of obstacles between the laptop and the router. Doesn't happen very often. Relocating the router or buying an external antenna may solve this problem.

My wife has used the computer all around the house, even outside, with no major issues, so range appears to be acceptable.

I would recommend these products. If you want gigabit speeds, you may want to look at the DIR-655 router. You may also want to look at the DIR-628 which appears to be an improvement on the DIR-625 in that the USB port can be used to connect an external device such as a hard drive to the router.

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