Thursday, April 23, 2009

Honeywell 7-Day Programmable Thermostate RTH8500D - Initial Impression

Last Saturday, I purchased a new Honeywell 7-Day Touchscreen Universal Programmable Low Volt Thermostat at Canadian Tire. It was on sale for CDN$95.99. This replaced an existing Honeywell 5-2-Day programmable thermostat that my wife and I found had too high of a temperature swing - some people like that, but we found it annoying.

The box says it takes 15 minutes or less to install. My experience confirms that. I labelled the wires, removed the old thermostat and bracket, marked the holes with the new bracket, drilled the holes, installed the anchors, attached the bracket and attached the wires to the connectors on the bracket - a nice feature since the old thermostat had the wire directly connected to the thermostat. That took about 5 or so minutes.

I inserted the batteries. One thing: the packaging says 2 AAA batteries are required and not included. You need 3 AAA batteries. The system came to life.

Programming was straightforward. The touch screen is easy to use. One thing I like about the schedule mode is that you can select multiple days and you program from the cool and heat schedules at the same times.

If you touch the corners the backlight comes on. The thermostat has a filter reminder and even a button that freezes the screen so that it can be cleaned. Not a bad investment.

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