Wednesday, May 13, 2009


One way of not winning support during a strike is to call people a jerk.

You want me to wait for five minutes? Ask me, politely. That is all it would take. Really.

Demanding that I wait five minutes or that you WILL hold me for five minutes is not going to win me over.

Since when do you get to decide what I can and cannot do? I always find it amusing how the 'right to strike' and the 'right to picket' trumps my 'right to work' and my 'right to enter a building'.

Also, standing off to the side and yelling out demands doesn't sit well with me. Since when did sitting and/or standing around a picnic table equal picketing?

CUPE locals 82 and 543, you are losing the public. Do yourself a favour. Face reality and get back to the negotiating table. The majority of Canadians do not get post-retirement benefits for life. Heck, the majority of Canadians don't get post-retirement benefits period. What makes you so special?