Saturday, July 18, 2009

Alternate Reality Known as CUPEland

In CUPEland, workers that have been out on strike for 14 weeks do not want their vacation days to be pro-rated. Yes, while the majority of working Ontarians get either 2 weeks off or the cash equivalent, CUPE believes that not working entitles them to vacation time.

In CUPEland, said workers also want two of those vacation weeks paid out. I guess this is one way of having all the strikers not taking a bunch of time off for the remainder of the year to avoid staff shortages and overtime. It sure is nice for CUPE to be so considerate that they get a pay out.

In CUPEland, said workers also want the employer to cover the employers share of pension buy back for time on the picket line. At OMERS, when you buy-back previous time, the employee is responsible for both their share and the employers share. Again, CUPE believes that withholding services for 14 weeks entitles them to a pension.

In CUPEland, with the summer almost half over and with services not expected to return to normal two to three weeks after returning to work, the union believes that seasonal and temporary employees should be guaranteed a job. Most families have found alternatives to City programs for their kids. I don't expect many of them to return. We just don't need those seasonal and temporary employees. But CUPE being CUPE, believes that we do need them. Even if they are sitting around doing nothing (save for filling union coffers with dues).

And, in a classic example of CUPEland thinking, the union wants a guarantee that no returning employee will be disciplined for picket line infractions. Yes, while the majority of picketers were polite and respectful, CUPE must resort to protecting the stupid. Why can't unions just say "you fucked up on the picket line, and we don't want to associate ourselves with your kind. See ya"? And unions wonder why people don't have much love for them.